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While researching options for a good screen capture software, my search brought up “Movavi Screen Capture”. Being that I’m in the market for a good software that will capture a clean, smooth representation of my screen for technical demonstrations, I decided to download their trial version of the software.

Obtaining and Installing

Downloading and installing the software is very straight forward. Head over to their website: and click the big “Download” button.


Once you’ve downloaded the software, run the installer.

Choose your preferred language and click OK\


Click Next on the welcome screen


Read and Accept the Terms, then click Next

2015-11-18 (5)

Choose the install location for the software and click Next

2015-11-18 (6)

Choose where the shortcuts should be added in the Start Menu, click Install

2015-11-18 (7)

The software will then begin to install. When finished, click the Finish button to open the software and get started.

2015-11-18 (8)

2015-11-18 (9)

The software is now installed.

How Does it Work?

While I can’t go through a full test of the software because of the trial limitations (2 minutes of record time, a watermark on the screen, etc..), I can say that the software is very configurable and the smoothness of the video is very apparent.

There are many options to configure the video settings including a full 60 FPS capture rate, providing a very smooth playback experience (and this would also be great for gaming videos as well). We have the option to choose the codec used if you have others installed, and we can even enable Intel hardware acceleration from this window, assuming you’re using Intel HD Graphics.

2015-11-18 (10)

In the Audio section, we can pick the quality of audio to be recorded, This screen does not actually have the configuration of what audio device you’re going to recording from, this is only a quality selector.

2015-11-18 (11)

Outside of the preferences menu and into the main interface for the application, we have our main recording options.

2015-11-18 (12)

You can see from the screenshot that I am recording my first display (I have two monitors on this computer), I am recording system sounds (useful for recording games or anything else that you want the normal sound to be included with), and I am using my external sound card to capture audio as well. If you don’t want to include any of these things, simply click the checkmark to disable.

The software gives you a count down to get ready as most screen recorders do, and this is also a configurable option. You have the ability to record keystrokes and mouse clicks as well, which for me may be useful because of the demonstrations I will be recording.

So, I never answered the question: How does it work?

It works extremely well. I’ve tried a few of the free screen recorders and I have used demos of other products, but the simplicity, yet configurability of this package in particular works best for me. The most important function of the software, recording what’s on the screen, is flawless. The 60 FPS recording capability is exactly what I was looking for to give a clear, smooth viewing experience to folks who may watch my videos.

If you’re in the market for a screen recording software, I would say you can head over to and check it out.

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