Using Remote Desktop Gateway to Connect to Your Computer


MSFT_logo_pngRemote Desktop Gateway Tutorial

Using remote desktop gateway is a more secure method to accessing your computer compared to a traditional port forward because RD Gateway uses HTTPS communication to encrypt traffic. This tutorial will guide you through the process of connecting to your company’s network using Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway).

These instructions are to be performed on the computer you are connecting from.

1. Click Start and type mstsc, hit enter.

2. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Show Options in the bottom left corner.

3. Navigate to the Advanced tab.

4. In the Connect from anywhere section, click Settings…

5. Choose the radio button labeled Use these RD Gateway server settings:

6. Enter the address of the remote network you would like to connect to (Example:

7. Click OK


8. Navigate to the General tab

9. In the Computer field, enter the host name of the computer you would like to connect to

10. In the User Name field, Enter your domain username with the domain prefix (Example: Domain\Username)


11. If you’d like to save these settings for future use, Click Save As… and save the shortcut to the desired location

12. Click Connect and Enter your password

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