News: Microsoft Releases Major Update to Windows 10

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According to a Windows Blog Post, Microsoft has released the first major update to the Windows 10 Operating system, adding additional functionality as well as some enterprise focused features.

The update, released on Thursday November 12th will be rolled out through Windows Update to all Windows 10 devices, which amounts to be “More than 110 million devices, including 12 million business PCs”.

Some of the overall features an improvements are:

  • Overall performance enhancements, including 30% improvement in boot time over Windows 7 on the same device
  • Microsoft Edge was given a performance boost as well, and some security enhancements were included. A new feature “Tab Preview” allows you to hover your cursor over an open tab to get a preview of what’s on the page without actually switching tabs to find what you’re looking for. A nice feature not included in some third party browsers. Edge will now also sync your favorites and reading lists across all of your Windows 10 devices.
  • Cortana now has the ability to recognize phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses written in the Cortana Notebook using your device’s stylus or pen to make setting reminders easier.

Microsoft has also released some IT focused feature sets, including two new free services:

  • Windows update for Business allows IT Professionals to deploy updates within their organizations (as we were able to before), but now with the ability to create device groups and allow for scaling of deployments to manage network traffic and isolating updates to specific groups of computers.
  • Windows Store for Business provides a new way to deploy applications throughout your enterprise. The new store allows IT to manage and distribute Windows Store apps and custom line of business applications to Windows 10 devices by directly assigning applications, publishing applications to a new private store or by connecting with a variety of management solutions.

I would suggest checking out the Microsoft Blog Post for all of the included updates and feature enhancements.

This update is one step closer to a rolling out Windows on Mobile phones, and already includes Xbox One updates.

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