How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10


There are many third party applications in the wild that will allow you to take screenshots in Windows 10, but many people do not realize that this functionality is already built into Windows, without the need to install any software.

Note: This will work on just about any version of Windows, Desktop and Server both.

Method 1: Full Screen


If you want to take a screen shot of the entire screen on your computer, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, usually located near the num lock, caps lock and scroll lock indicator lights in the top right hand side of the keyboard.

While it may seem like nothing has happened, the image is captured to the clipboard. From there, you can either paste it into an email or Word Document.

If you want to save the screenshot as an image, you can use MSPaint to save the image.

1. Open MS Paint by clicking the Start Button, type mspaint and press the Enter Key
2. On your keyboard, paste the screenshot from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl + V
3. Save the image to a desired location


Method 2: Capture Active Window

Most of the time, it’s not likely that you’ll need to capture the entire screen. You can easily crop a screenshot to the active window, even an error message, without capturing the whole screen.

The procedure is exactly the same as above, except pressing AltPrint Scrn on your keyboard with the window selected.

Here is an example of a screenshot taken with this method:


Method 3: Snipping Tool

The snipping tool allows you to select an area of the screen to capture and also gives you an interface to save the image, rather than pasting into another program like MSPaint or Word.

1. Click the Start Button and type Snipping Tool in the Start Search

2. Click to open the application

3. Click the New button to start taking a screenshot
4. Drag the mouse to select the area you want to capture.
5. After releasing the mouse button, the image is captured in a new window

6. You can then use the Tools to mark up the image with a pen or highlighter, or erase part of the image

7. Finally, you can Save the image from the File menu at the top.

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