How To: Remove Unwanted Icons from Notification Area in Windows 7/8


With the release of Windows 10, people have been asking how they can remove the “Get Windows 10” notification in the Notification Area. This guide isn’t just limited to this, as you may want to remove other icons such as One Drive, Anti-Virus software or anything else you have installed. This guide will show you how to make changes to any program in the Notification Area.

1. Click Start and type Notification. Locate and click on  Notification Area Icons



2.  In the Notification Area Icons window, locate the item you want to remove or change

3. Choose the behavior that works best for the program. You may not want to see anything for a particular application, but for something like Anti-Virus Software, you may want to Only Show Notifications.

4. After reviewing all of the applications in the list, click OK to save the settings.

5. If you have made changes, but you want applications to go back to their default settings, click the Restore default icon behaviors button to restore the defaults.

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