How To: Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 8 (Server 2012)


MSFT_logo_pngEnabling Remote Desktop in Windows 8 (Server 2012)

When working with multiple computers, it is important to be able to easily access a remote computer or server to manage its functions from your desk. This will save you from physically accessing the console to perform a simple task. This is also very useful when working with computers that may not be located in the same building. This article will describe how to configure your remote machine for remote access.

  Remote Desktop can only be enabled on computers running the professional version of Windows, however the remote desktop client is available in all versions of Windows.

1. On the desktop, Right click This PC and choose Properties

2. In the left hand corner, locate and click on Remote Settings


3. In the System Properties window, locate the Remote Desktop section

4. Change the Radio Button to Allow remote connections to this computer


 If you are connecting from a computer older than Windows Vista, be sure to uncheck the option for Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication


Your computer will now be accessible from the Remote Desktop Client.


It is important to note that in Windows Server 2012, the This PC option is added to the Start Menu by default. If you are unable to find This PC on the desktop of Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, You can also use the Start Search function to look for Allow Remote Access to your computer.

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