How To: Add DNS Forwarders in Windows Server DNS


On a Windows Server network utilizing Windows DNS, such as in a domain situation, you may want to forward external DNS queries to a specific DNS service or host. For example, if you would like to utilize some of the features of OpenDNS, you will need to point your clients to use their DNS Servers.

Configuring DNS Forwarders:

  1. Log into the DNS Server as an administrator
  2. Click Start and type DNSMgmt.msc, then press enter to open the DNS Management Console.
  3. Locate the server in the list, then right click and choose properties.
  4. Navigate to the Forwarders tab
    DNS - Forwarders Tab
  5. Click the Edit button to add DNS Servers to the list
  6. Enter the IP Address of the DNS Servers to which you’d like to forward requests and click OK.

    DNS - Edit Forwarders


Public DNS Servers:

Here are a few public DNS Servers that you can use.

Open DNS:




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