Controlling Remote Access with Small Business Server 2011


MSFT_logo_pngControlling Remote Access with Small Business Server 2011

This document is designed to give you the information necessary to control remote access to users within your organization using the built in features of Small Business Server 2011. There are other methods for remote access, and they will not be covered in this document. This guide will guide you through ensuring that remote access through the Remote Web Workplace and Remote Desktop Gateway are enabled or disabled, depending on your preferences on a per user basis.


1. Open a remote desktop session to your Small Business Server, or access the console physically through a keyboard and mouse.

2. Log in using domain administrator credentials

3. If it does not open automatically, Click on Start > Windows SBS Console

4. Navigate to the Users and Groups tab and select the user you would like to change.

5. In the Tasks pane to the right, choose Edit user account properties

6. In the Properties window, choose Remote Access

7. Check or Uncheck User can access Remote Web Access

8. On the left, Choose Computers

9. Select the user’s workstation and change the access level to Standard User or Local Administrator. A standard user will give you the ability to disable remote access, but by default local administrators are given remote access to their machines.

10. Check or uncheck the box for Can remotely access this computer

11. Click Apply then OK.

At this point, the user will either be given remote access or denied remote access to their computer. This same procedure can be used to give a user access to multiple computers through remote access if they should use more than one computer regularly.


 If you change a user from Local Administrator to Standard user on their PC, they may not be able to install software or manage some system functions of the machine, and will require administrator credentials to complete the task.

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