How To: Enable SNMP Monitoring on SonicWALL UTM Devices

Dell SonicWALL Networking

DellSonicWALL242How To: Enable SNMP Monitoring on SonicWALL UTM Devices

SonicWALL Enhanced allows you to monitor your UTM Device by utilizing SNMP. This guide will show you how to enable SNMP and configure the settings to report to your network monitoring device.

1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended) and navigate to your SonicWALL UTM Device.

2. In the navigation menu, choose System > Administration

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate Advanced Management

4. Check the box next to Enable SNMP

5. Scroll to the top of the page and click Accept

6. Scroll back down and click Configure next to Enable SNMP

7. In the box that appears, fill out the System NameSystem ContactSystem Location fields

8. In the Get Community Name and Trap Community Name, enter your SNMP Community Name

  Note: Some monitoring and management devices use the default community name of Public

9. In the Host 1 field, enter the IP address of your network monitoring server

10. Click OK to save the changes


Your SonicWALL UTM Device should not start reporting to your network monitoring server.

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